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Rabbits, Rodents & Exotics

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Rabbits, Rodents & Exotics

Highcroft is proud to have one of the best exotic species veterinary services in the UK, with specialist level care for all exotic species. We see everything from rabbits and small furries to exotic mammals, birds, reptiles, invertebrates, amphibians and fish.

Our dedicated team includes European Specialist in Zoological Medicine, Elisabetta Mancinelli, exotic species veterinary surgeons Jemma Hildrew and Sonya Miles, and veterinary nurses, Kati Heddington, Laura Warren, Chloe Ackerman and Gemma Compton-Holloway. Together they put 100% care and passion into the needs of these very unique creatures, and provide a 1st opinion and referral services for all exotic pets.

the team

Kati Heddington, Exotic Species Veterinary Nurse at Highcroft Referrals

Kati Heddington

Exotic Species Veterinary Nurse

Sonya Myles, Exotic Species Clinician at Highcroft Referrals

Sonya Miles

Exotics Consultant

Elisabetta Mancinelli, RCVS Specialist in Zoo & Wildlife Medicine (Small Mammal) at Highcroft Referrals

Elisabetta Mancinelli

Specialist Exotics Consultant

Jemma Hildrew, RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine at Highcroft Referrals

Jemma Hildrew

Exotics Consultant