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The oncology service investigates and treats cancer.

As well as being veterinary professionals, our oncology team are pet owners and fully understand how devastating the diagnosis or suspicion of cancer in a best friend can be. However, thanks to ongoing leaps and bounds in science and medicine, the outlook for cancer patients (both two, and four-legged) is improving year on year, and we are very proud to translate cutting-edge research into the service we offer our patients.  Many cancers in dogs and cats previously deemed “untreatable” can now be controlled, or even cured.


In treating a pet for cancer our utmost priority is that they maintain a normal lifestyle and normal quality of life for the duration of their therapy.  In this sense, veterinary cancer treatment sometimes differs from human cancer treatment.  We also believe it is of the utmost importance to facilitate our client’s understanding of their pet’s disease and fully involve the pet’s family in decision-making about treatment.


The HVR oncology service is a highly-skilled multi-disciplinary team, led by medical oncologist American Specialist in Veterinary Oncology, Dr Owen Davies, working closely with board-certified specialists in soft-tissue surgery and diagnostic imaging, and with the support of specialists in internal medicine, critical care, and orthopaedics. Our facilities are advanced, and include CT and MRI scanning, ultrasonography, fluoroscopy, interventional radiology procedures, endoscopy, keyhole surgery, and a brand new chemotherapy suite opened in Autumn 2017.  The services we offer include :

  • Investigation of suspected cases of cancer, masses and lumps.
  • Staging of cancer cases with advanced imaging, sentinel lymph node mapping and minimally-invasive biopsy techniques.
  • Counselling clients, helping them to understand the disease process, prognosis and available treatments.
  • Chemotherapy clinic, offering the most modern oral and injectable chemotherapy treatments.
  • Targeted anticancer therapy
  • Immunotherapy and vaccine therapy.
  • Interventional oncology procedures including stenting and chemo-embolization.
  • Surgical oncology procedures including complex reconstructive techniques as well as keyhole techniques.
  • Radiation therapy arrangement.  We work closely with several radiation treatment centres and can facilitate radiation treatment where appropriate.


We are happy to receive referrals in all aspects of veterinary oncology, at any stage of diagnosis or treatment. We are equally happy to receive a case of suspected cancer for investigation, a pre-diagnosed case for staging of disease and discussion of treatment options, or a pre-treated cancer case for further therapy.


“I would like to say a massive thank you to Owen Davies. He truly is a wonderful asset to Highcroft. He really has tried his best for our beautiful cat Madison, showing her much care and respect. Unfortunately the chemo hasn’t done what we hoped, but we tried and we will always be grateful to Owen for his help. She is still with us and enjoying life at the moment and we will cherish every day we have with her.”


“I was referred to HVR when my cat Penny became unwell. I was met by Owen Davies the medical oncologist and I cannot begin to write how amazing Owen was with Penny along with ensuring I understood what was going on. He really went that extra mile. Penny had cancer which unfortunately had spread and so after attempts at Chemotheraphy I had to make the tough decision to put her down. When Owen found out I received a phone call from him offering me so much support. I felt that he genuinely cared. A couple of days later on I received a lovely card in the post from Owen with condolences for my loss and a number for the surgery in case I had any questions or wanted to talk to him. Owen went beyond his duty and I am really grateful for the compassion he showed for Penny and the support he provided me through her treatment and when I had to say goodbye. Thank you so much, Owen, I can never repay you for what you did for me and Penny.”

Emilie Perring


the team

Dan Ogden, American Diplomate in Small Animal Surgery at Highcroft Referrals

Dan Ogden

Specialist Surgery Consultant

Owen Davies, American Specialist in Veterinary Oncology at Highcroft Referrals

Owen Davies

Specialist Oncology Consultant

Ivan Doran, RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery at Highcroft Referrals

Ivan Doran

Specialist Surgery Consultant

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