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Neurology and Neurosurgery

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Neurology and Neurosurgery

The aim of the neurology clinic is to offer state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments in neurology and neurosurgery to dogs and cats referred to the hospital and to progress neurology for companion animals.

The activities of the service range from routine consultations to emergency referrals, daily neurological work-up, neurosurgery and tertiary referrals for advanced procedures. We diagnose and treat brain, spine, spinal cord and neuromuscular diseases.

The neurology/neurosurgery service involves Dr Nicolas Granger, Dr Hélène Vandenberghe, rotating surgery/neurology interns, neurology nurses and a rehabilitation team.

Brain diseases

  • Work-up for brain diseases includes high-field (1.5 Tesla) magnetic resonance imaging, electrodiagnostic testing of the brain, cisternal cerebrospinal fluid sampling and routine clinico-pathology tests.
  • Treatment of brain diseases includes medical management, external vagal nerve stimulation for pain and epilepsy and advanced brain surgeries (surgery for brain neoplasms, shunt placement for malformations etc).

Spinal diseases

  • Work-up for spinal diseases includes high-field (1.5 Tesla) magnetic resonance imaging, CT of the spine, electrodiagnostic testing of spinal pathways, lumbar cerebrospinal fluid sampling and routine clinico-pathology tests.
  • Treatment of spinal diseases includes medical management, spinal cord decompression, spinal stabilisation with implants (PAX, VetLOX, SOP systems), or advanced surgeries such as placement of neuroprosthesis for chronic incontinence treatment.

Neuro-muscular diseases

  • Work-up for neuro-muscular diseases includes electrodiagnostic testing of muscles and peripheral nerves, muscle and nerve biopsies assessed by experts’ neuropathologists, lumbar cerebrospinal fluid sampling and routine clinico-pathology tests.
  • Treatment for neuro-muscular diseases includes medical management and largely involves physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • We work closely with physiotherapists, including colleagues in sports medicine.

A multidisciplinary approach

Neurology requires a team approach because many problems of the nervous system have consequences on other organs; a large number of medical and surgical conditions also commonly lead to neurological dysfunction; therefore, practicing within a team of medicine, oncology, surgery and intensive care specialists is essential.

Neurosurgery in companion animals is routinely performed by the neurologist, but some surgical treatments are better performed with a team approach involving soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeons. Surgeons are trained in spinal surgery as well.

Finally, companion animals affected by neurological diseases very often improve over time but require support from carer, which largely involves the nursing team and physiotherapist.

Acromegaly clinic

We offer referral consultations for acromegaly treatment via transsphenoidal hypophysectomy. Acromegaly is increasingly recognised as a leading cause for uncontrolled diabetes, which can be cured surgically.

Sacral nerve implant for treatment of neurogenic incontinence

This involves placement of a neuroprosthesis on a pair of sacral nerves to allow remote nerve stimulation and bladder emptying; the system is typically indicated in dogs with T3-L3 severe spinal lesions who have not recovered urinary continence; these are often paraplegic cases with no pain sensation; it can be done from a few weeks to several months after onset of signs, some cases having been treated more than a year into their incontinence.

New sub-arachnoid diverticulum package 2021

Have you got a case with an odd gait with or without faecal incontinence? Finding them “Pug-atory”?

We have a new package for sub-arachnoid diverticulum cases. These are increasingly common due to the growing number of breeds with vertebral malformations (French Bulldogs, Pugs, English Bulldogs) but can be present in any breed.

These cases often involve surgery and need both MRI and CT scans, as well as tailor-made implants to stabilise underlying malformations.

Sub-Arachnoid Diverticulum Package = £7000 inc VAT

Can include: Consult, General anaesthetic for MRI +/- CT scan, General anaesthetic and surgery, two follow up post-op checks. (The cost of implants if required is additional; approx £1000).

subarachnoid diverticuluym services

the team


Nicolas Granger DVM PhD DipECVN FHEA FRCVS

Specialist Neurology Consultant


Helene Vandenberghe

Neurology Consultant

George Nye

George Nye

European and RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Neurology and Neurosurgery

Leticia Escauriaza, Highcroft Veterinary Referrals

Leticia Escauriaza

Neurology Resident

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